Monday, 18 July 2016

Spanish Sephora and Drugstore Haul

For as long as I've been reading beauty blogs, I've been desperate to get myself to a Sephora store. I've been incredibly lucky that I've had friends pick up things from the American stores over the last few years, but when my family decided to go to Spain I decided to do a little research - and I discovered two of the local cities had Sephora stores. So, after a little spending, I couldn't resist visiting (four times, oops). I also took a quick trip to one of their local drugstores so I thought I'd put those products in this post too!

Things got a little out of hand with the lip products. If you've been reading my blog for a little while now, you'll know that I'm completely obsessed with the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 - it's possibly my favourite lip product of all time. So of course, they were what I headed to first. I thought it would be a good idea to buy myself a back-up (obv) as well as try out a new colour, which I went for 03 Strawberry Kissed. Although it looks pretty similar to the red in the tube, it's a totally different shade on the lips - I'd describe it as a bright pink with coral/red tones. I'm not normally one for pink lip colours, but I love the formula of this product as I know it'll last me throughout the day so I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear from it. And speaking of lip stains, I picked up two of the Sephora Outrageous Extreme Liquid Lipstick (can't find a link - sorry!) in shades 01 (a mid-pink brown) and 07 (a burgundy) as they were in the sale and super cheap. I had high hopes for this, but unfortunately these are a little disappointing - I expected them to last all day, but despite the beautiful shades, they have a sticky formula and started to separate after having a drink which I found quite disappointing. I'm sure I'll still use them, but I'm not sure I'd pick them up again!

In terms of lipstick, there was a particular lipstick I knew I wanted to pick up thanks to Helen's recommendation and that's the Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Charmer. A pink/brown/nude sort of shade (aka my favourite), I absolutely love the formula of this. It's creamy (as the name would suggest), has a stain finish and lasts well throughout the day. A perfect all year round any occasion sort of shade, I'm sure I'll be using this all of the time. In one of the stores I visited, they had a large bucket filled up with lipsticks in the sale (only 4 Euros each!) so I couldn't help but pick up two in the colours I thought I'd get the most wear from - the Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in Love Letter (a mid pink) and Miss You (a brownish nude). Now these are a lot more sheer than I expected but paired with lip liners I'm sure they'll be the perfect chuck in your bag sort of lipstick. Although, if I had to one thing to say about them, it's the smell/taste. My first reaction is that it tastes like medicine, so that could take some getting used to..! I also picked up two Essence Velvet Matte lipsticks from a drugstore in 08 (a taupe) and 23 (peachy brown) which I have to say, are probably the most used products of this haul yet! I'll definitely be picking up more shades from this budget brand whenever I pass a stand.

Lip-liners wise, I picked up a mini lipliner from Sephora in 11 Rose which is a mid-dark pink shade. Now I'm not entirely sure why I went for this shade when there were so many perfect nudes to pick up, I think I got a little overwhelmed and I only had two minutes to pick up what I wanted, however, I'm sure I'll still wear it a lot over the summer months. I also bought a Catrice lip liner in Vintage Rose which is a nude, everyday sort of colour. Catrice are a brand where I've loved many of their products on previous trips to Spain so I always love to try out new things whenever a see a stand. For only a couple of Euros, they're a really affordable drugstore brand which I'd certainly recommend!

As you've already noticed, I definitely went lip product crazy, but I also picked up two other products. First up is the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer in Porcelain, as I like to judge a brand based on their concealers and I couldn't get over how light these shade is. I'm yet to try it so I can't really comment on the formula, but no doubt I'll be featuring it in future posts if it's a hit. I have high hopes for this one. And I couldn't help but pick up the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer brush. They had 20% off all Sephora own-brand products/brushes when I was there, I had a little spare cash, and it just sort of happened. I'm in love.

What would be on your Sephora wishlist? Any products you'd recommend I try out next time? I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Off The Shoulder Dresses and Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Dress - c/o Boohoo

Choker - c/o Boohoo

Sunglasses - c/o Boohoo

Hat - Primark (link similar)

Shoes - c/o Boohoo

Whenever I'm asked to define my own personal style, I struggle. From a lot of masculine jeans to floaty blouses my style changes on a daily basis and honestly, I sort of just where what I like on the day. So when I was recently contacted by the lovely team at Boohoo introducing me to their style squads campaign, where through a questionnaire you're categorised into your squad based on personal style, I was totally intrigued. I took the test a few times, just to be certain, but lo and behold, each time I landed up with girly - where the staple piece is the off-the-shoulder dress - one of my favourites. We all know that dusty pinks and ruffles are my thing at the minute, so I snapped up this dress on the website in record timing. I love how it hangs (/hides the food baby) and the ruffle detailing is a dream don't you think?

These photographs were taken in Murcia whilst I was on holiday in Spain, and I have to say, I think I've fallen in love with the city. From the traditional Spanish architecture, to it's breathtaking cathedral and its pastel hues, it really was the most beautiful of places. So much so that me and my family actually changed our weeks plans to squeeze in some extra visits, it's just that amazing. You know when a place just completely inspires your style and Instagram feed? It was one of those places. And I have to say, I love how the buildings and tiled flooring unintentionally matched my outfit of the day..! Paired with my new sassy sunglasses that I can't stop wearing, and these tie-up sandals that I can't keep up my legs (slightly problematic but oh so worth it), I couldn't help but get slightly carried away with photographs. When in bloggers background goals and all that.

Also, you may or may not have noticed - but I've had myself a rather different haircut. I finally, after many failed attempts, have myself a fringe which I couldn't be happier about. It's taking a little bit of getting used to (aka I actually have to make an effort to keep it a-ok) but I've found myself ditching the hat a little more and I'm sort of alright with that - I think this may be the first post in a year where I'm not actually wearing a hat! (Well, it's in my hand but baby steps and all...).

...oh and lets just ignore the fact the loops that are used to hang the dress up with are in sight in every photo. Rookie error.

So speaking of style squads, here's the quiz below to see what squad you'd be in. I'd love to hear which one comes up for you! #teamgirly

You're in the GLAM SQUAD

Queen of your very own glam squad, you're up there with the 'A' list! The original selfie queen, you give Kim a run for her money when it comes to getting snap happy and you're not afraid who knows it. #flawless

You're in the CASUAL SQUAD

Casually making loungewear WORK! Your laid back style and chillaxed attitude makes you the perfect candidate for the Casual squad! You and your besties have that 'I woke up like this' look on lock down.

You're in the URBAN SQUAD

Your urban street style is on point and you have the attitude to match. Never afraid of the bold and the bright, you and your girls rock the latest trends with signature twists and a red lip that would make Rhi Rhi proud.

You're in the BOHO SQUAD

The day dreamers, the dream catchers and the lazy hazy days babes make up the Boho style squad - and you're one of them! You're all about floaty fashion, good vibes and making memories. What's life without a little love?


Nobody nails a classic like you! You get it right every time, with style, sass and sophistication. Every. Single. Day! Effortlessly gorgeous, undeniably fabulous with a wardrobe to match - the ultimate boss.

You're in the GIRLY SQUAD

You bring a whole new world of femininity to #squadgoals! Lover of chick flicks with a weakness for shopping and enviable expertise with the latest trends and beauty looks, you're the girl everyone needs to be friends with. 
Kim Kardashian
Gigi Hadid
Vanessa Hudgens
Alexa Chung
Taylor Swift
Chuck on!
Yeezy breezy
Anything goes
On trend
The Kardashians
Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner & Cara Delevingne
Spice Girls
I just wanna hang in a tent with my mates
The Victoria's Secret Angels
Taylor, Karlie & co
Sassy hand
Laughing crying face
Dollar tongue
High ten
I'm so over emojis RN
5* Dubai #goals
Berlin baby
New York
Heels, obviously
These boots were made for stompin'
Limited-edition Yeezys
A classic court
Choices, choices
Secret Garden Party
V Festival
Espresso martini
I'll be happy with a beer
Vodka anything
Rum n ting
G&T, it's a classic
White wine spritzer pls

This post is in collaboration with Boohoo, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Oversized Flared Sleeves and Lattice Detailing


Playsuit - TK Maxx

Hat - Primark (link similar)

Sandals - Topshop (link similar)

Heels - Primark (link similar)

Bag - Topshop (link similar)

As I've already mentioned in a previous post, I've just came home from a week's family holiday away in Spain. It was a real spur of the moment decision, and with a wardrobe filled of coats and a very low budget, I had a rushed few weeks of trying to compile together some outfits to wear in the 37C heat that was forecast. And now I'm not being one to blow my own trumpet, but with very little money to spend, I think I did a pretty good job (although the same can't be said about my fake tan l o l) - and I have many outfit posts coming your way over on this blog over the next few weeks which I'm excited to share with you.

Flared sleeves have been a real favourite of mine for the past year of so, and there hasn't been a flared sleeve I haven't been drawn to in a long long time (seriously though, like I want them all). And I think I may have just made one of the best discoveries yet in this TK Maxx Playsuit. I mean, just look at those sleeves - they're insane, right?! It's not a shop I normally shop for clothing (for homeware it's a completely different story...) but with some time to kill, I thought I'd have a scout around the rails and I'm super happy to found this. A super versatile piece, with a simple change of shoe, this took me from day to night and had plenty of room for me eat all of the pasta dishes I could consume in one day which, let's be honest, is a real selling point. Of course, it wouldn't be one of my outfits without a hat - and sunny holidays call for straw hats, right? After picking up this in my local Primark on a total whim, I was a little hesitant over how much wear I'd get from it, but paired with this sunglasses, it was a match made in heaven.

So my question of today is, what are your summer holiday style staples?