Monday, 2 March 2015

Denim and Leather

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Outfit Details: Dress - Miss Selfridge, Boots - Next, Duster Coat - H&M, Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, Bag - Primark, Sunglasses - Primark, Hat - Primark

(Photographs by The Lovecats Inc)

Now there's no denying that Alexa Chung is my queen, my ultimate style icon; even if our body shapes couldn't be any different. So of course, her latest collaboration with AG Jeans had me at hello, a denim range which was completely up my street... but unfortunately completely out of my budget. With denim being a forefront fabric in my wardrobe this season, the hunt was on to find the person denim dress and denim skirt. I'm yet to get my hands on a skirt of my dreams yet, however, when I saw this Miss Selfridge dress hitting up the blogosphere, I knew it just had to be mine. Sold out online, it only made me want it more, and lo and behold, I finally tracked one down and practically ran to the cash desk. Last one left, and in my size. Fate.

I think I was a little ambitious when shooting these outfits, thinking a duster coat would suffice, but a few minutes into it I soon realised I was wrong (and very very cold) so decided to layer under a leather jacket, because everyone carries around two coats, right?! I'd seen a few of my favourites layering up coats, and I was always a little hesitant, but I needn't be - I absolutely love how it looks! As the outfit was very focussed on mixing fabrics rather than colour, I couldn't resist giving these leopard print boots an outing that wasn't involving them hiding under jeans. I definitely see these being my all-time favourite boot this year, you know you're on a winner when you're excited to wear them as much as you can (that is, when it's not raining). They're already taking pride of place in my bedroom!


Who are your style icons? I'd love to find out!

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Friday, 27 February 2015


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Outfit Details: Coat - Primark, Jumper - Marks & Spencers, Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Topshop, Bag - Primark, Sunglasses - Primark, Hat - Primark, Watch - c/o Daniel Wellington

(Photographs by the lovely Charissa Rae)

What's this? Another outfit post? Oooooh yeah! I've started to get back into the swing of fashion blogging again recently, and it's made me realise how outfit posts really are one of my favourites to work on. I have plenty of outfit ideas listed down and I can't wait to get photographing them over the coming weeks! Let's say there's a whole lot of denim, roll necks and leopard print inspiring my wardrobe right now, a la certain Miss Chung that we all know and love - does that girl ever do wrong? I think not.

With spring on the horizon, I've been making an attempt to ditch the winter woolies in favour of layering pieces. I'm not normally one to do this (as I'm yet to learn the art) but I love the way this outfit has come together. It wasn't actually intended to look like this, as I only bought the coat, bag and sunglasses approximately 30 minutes before photographing these on a total whim - but don't you just love it when you find pieces of clothing that just make your outfit fall into place? Especially when they're in Primark sales *wink*! I picked up this rust heavy knit in the M&S sale a few weeks back -yes, they don't just good food - as its colour really caught my eye. I tend to stand well away from oversized pieces, fearing they'll swamp my petite frame, however I think it's cropped length balances it out nicely.

This cord skirt was another sale find (I am a student after all), just before Christmas in the Urban Outfitters sale. I'd been after it for a little while, so when I saw it reduced I couldn't resist - I'm actually already regretting not picking up the other available colours! There's just something about button down skirts I can't get enough of right now, but I'll say give this word of warning now; don't bend down in them or else the buttons will pop open... I learnt this the hard way, I'll be walking around with a paper bag on my head for the foreseeable future! Keeping the rest of the outfit quite understated, I chose to wear a micro-sized bag and lace up heeled boots to prevent the whole outfit looking a little too hobo chic for my liking! Psst, if you're small like me and worried about oversized fits, wearing it with a heel with lengthen your legs and help prevent everything looking ten sizes too big - I swear it works!


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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Magazines Worth A Read: Lone Wolf Magazine

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Lone Wolf Magazine - c/o Unique Magazines

As someone who studies Fashion Journalism at University, it's pretty safe to assume that I'm big on fashion magazines (well, just print in general) and I read them on a daily basis. I'll put my hands up and admit that I really dislike magazines in digital form such as on apps and such. I'm definitely more old school when it comes to it all, which is why I've chose to launch my own magazine as part of my university dissertation. Whilst that's still very much in the pipelines (but I'm sure there'll be plenty of posts going live about it soon!) I've been scouring the shelves for as big a variety as I can find of different fashion magazines - to help inspire me with feature ideas, photo shoot planning and design suggestions.

So, when the lovely people over at Unique Magazines asked if I'd like to check out their service, and the vast range of magazines which they sell - I jumped on the chance. I was incredibly surprised to discover it's actually a local business (hooray!) and I was even more surprised when I had a browse of their site and discovered just how many magazines they supply. I'd like to think I'm pretty clued up with fashion print, however there were loads I'd never even heard of (and already have my eye on!). In the end I decided to go with Lone Wolf magazine first, which is a quarterly fashion magazine based in San Francisco. It's cover is what drew my attention straight away, with it looking similar to a favourite read of mine - Lula. Describing itself as a fashion magazine which reads like a story book, I was intrigued when I found out that this magazine actually has themed chapters, such as Fashion Culture and Analysis, Philosophy and History - which is a feature I've never encountered before. With a minimal-based design aesthetic and matte paper giving it that luxury feel, it varies between lengthy discussion pieces, as well runway reports and a whole lot of inspiring editorials. A really great read, and one I'd recommend to anyone interested in the types of fashion magazines which aren't necessarily trend-focussed.

It retails at £6.99 an issue which I think is incredibly reasonable for a magazine which is released each season, as it's definitely one of those magazines you'd be proud to keep on your coffee table - not a one read wonder by any means!


I'm hoping to create this into a series of various fashion magazines which I love to read but aren't necessarily the ones you'd see in the paper shops. Which are your favourites?

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