Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Low-Down #6 // Why I need your help!

What I've been up to //

Just a quick little update today, because quite frankly there isn't too much to say. There's an awful lot currently going on in my personal life which I can't talk about, unfortunately, and it's left my week rather stress-filled - hence the sporadic posts at the moment. I don't let being too negative on my blog, so onwards and upwards!

On Wednesday morning, I was invited by the lovely people at OPR to attend their Bloggers and Brands Breakfast at the wonderful Cafe Royal in Newcastle. With a rather early start (it began at 8am eek) I nervously made my way, which was a networking event for local bloggers and brands, discussing how we can all work together. I arrived at the event myself, which was terrifying in itself, but thankfully a few other bloggers turned up and I had a really enjoyable time.

Anyway, during the event they announced the North East Blogger Awards which will be taking place in the Autumn, exciting right? And this is where you come in. I would really appreciate it if you could vote for my blog under the category 'Best Style Blog' over at the North East Blogger Awards. It'll take you about 2 minutes to complete, and I'd probably cry with happiness if I were shortlisted. I've been working my socks off on my blog over the recent weeks (hoping it shows?!) so it would mean the absolute world. And I need your support - so spread the word.

What's made me smile //

- Being featured numerous times on LOOK magazine social media & ASOS Fashion Finder!
- Beating my shyness and attending my first real networking event.
- Feeling inspired.
- Mollie Makes Guide to Blogging magazine - if you haven't read it, go. now. srsly guyz.


I hope you've all had a wonderful week!
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  1. Definitely nominate you hun, you have one of my fav blogs xxx

  2. Sorry to hear you've had a stressful week, really hope this week is nicer to you. I'm going to nominate you now! Good luck!


  3. Good luck! xx