House of Fraser A/W ’13 Collection




When House of Fraser’s womenswear Autumn/Winter ’13 Lookbook was brought to my attention, I fell in love instantly. Now, I’ll admit when I’m out shopping, taking a trip to my local House of Fraser store never really occurs to me – however, this all may have to now change.
With an array of different prints, fabrics and colours, this collection has a little bit for everyone and is one of my favourites this year. One colour that has been a real staple in my wardrobe recently is navy blue, so I was incredibly happy to see so many pieces embracing the perfect autumnal colours. Don’t even get me started on the polka-dot co-ord, talk about perfection.
The variety of this collection is what stood out to me the most. With plenty of trend-inspired wardrobe basics, I can totally see House of Fraser becoming one of my favourite haunts. A monochrome dress with adorably cute collar? A coral coloured A-line skirt? A burgundy collarless coat? Count me in.
What are your favourite pieces?

Bumble Bee.




(Denim Jacket – Topshop, Skirt – Primark, Shirt – MinkPink, Sunglasses – H&M, Nail Varnish – ‘Prickly Pear’ by Barry M)
The last few weeks have been pretty hectic, and I’m sure the next few are going to be even worse. Between bloggers events, days out, university deadlines and illness, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, but hopefully by mid-May it’ll all be over with – hooray! Then I’ll have over 4 months to concentrate solely on this blog of mine, I can’t wait. New layout? Me thinks so.
On to the outfit, although the sunglasses are probably the only giveaway, but it’s been sunny! That little glowing ball in the sky made it’s appearance and I couldn’t have been more thankful. In celebration, I decided to dress a little a la bumble bee. I didn’t hesitate to find a pair of sunglasses in the back of my drawer and yesterday I didn’t even wear black tights *shock horror*! However, looking out of the window just as I type this, the skies have returned to that pesky shade of grey. It was good while it lasted (a whole 2 days!!).
You’ll possibly recognise the skirt as it’s something I’ve worn in another recent outfit post, but it’s one of my favourites and I’ve worn it quite often recently. This denim jacket I have had for around 5 years now, I don’t think I could ever part with it. I practically live it in the summer months and I have many memories attached to it (anyone else do this?!). MinkPink are a brand I often can’t really afford on my student budget, however, I was lucky enough to find this black blouse hidden away in the sale area of my local Urban Outfitters. Although it’s a little big (when the sleeves are down I look as though I’m missing hands – good look), I love it’s frill-detailing and dipped back – I own nothing else like it.
What are your plans this sunny (ish) weekend? 
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I’d really really really appreciate it if you could post around the giveaway, thank you : )

Hello… Olivia From What Olivia Did!

Well, where do I start? Olivia’s blog has been one of my favourites for such a long time now. Posting a mixture of fashion, music and lifestyle posts, I could easily spend hours reading through them all (wow, I sound like a stalker.. I’m not, promise!). Whether it’s clothes-envy (that girl has a wardrobe to die for), hair-envy (no-one rocks the beehive better) or shoe-envy (she owns those infamous Charlottle Olympia kitty flats. Jealous? nooo…), her effortless style is something I find incredibly inspiring. And she’s a fellow lover of 60s/70s style mixed with Alexa Chung and Audrey Hepburn, dare I say more?
Anyways, she very thankfully agreed to answer a few little questions, and I loved reading them. Hope you do too! (And if you haven’t read her blog before: 1. where have you been? 2. why are you still reading this?! go visit it now!)
All photographs are taken from her blog.
Is there a story behind why you started your blog? Were their any other blogs which particularly inspired you?
Not really- as boring as it sounds! It initially began as a music blog filled with reviews and live photography- but eventually molded into something far more fashion based after becoming inspired by so many amazing blogs (which I was kindly introduced to by my best friend).
What is it you love about blogging? Any blogging highlights so far?
So much! The highlight is probably the friendships I’ve made through it, and some of the hugely inspirational and talented ladies I’ve had the chance to work and collaborate  with. I’ve been lucky to work with some of my favourite brands and go to some awesome places, which is endlessly amazing and surreal- so I’m constantly grateful for any opportunities that come up.
I absolutely love your style (and I’m sure many others agree) – it’s flawless. What inspires you style-wise? Any ‘style icons’ or eras you find reflecting through how you dress?
Oh thank you! In terms of inspiration, I probably get inspired by everything and anything. I spend an unholy amount of time of sites like Pinterest so I guess that’s a pretty massive contribution. I’m also inspired by magazines, the music and artists I’m listening to, the films I’m watching (namely anything with Audrey Hepburn in will influence the next days outfit) and the people I’m with- it totally differs! With style icons I’d probably go with Audrey (again), Miss Chung because it’d probably be rude not to include her, Anna Karina, Solange Knowles (that girl can work a printed suit like no one I’ve ever seen) and Florence Welch.
How would you describe your style?
Probably girly with a bit of tomboy thrown in mixed with a school girly sixties nostalgia (what a jumble)!
What would you say are your staple items?
A Breton striped tee, skinny jeans and some red lipstick!
I love how you incorporate music into your blog, I’m a big music fan (and actually write for a music website/magazine myself!). Who are currently your favourite artists/bands?
Oh goodness where to begin! I love love love Miles Kane (4eva and alwayz), Haim, Temples, Frank Ocean, Peace and Palma Violets- but am constantly on the look out for new music!
What is your idea of a perfect day out?
It would probably include seeing my family and friends (and probably cooking them up some fine Italian food), browsing some shops/vintage markets, a beachy stroll (not sure how I could incorporate this) and wrapping it up curled up in bed with tea, biscuits and films.
Finally, if you were hosting your own imaginary tea party, and you could invite 5 guests (dead or alive). Who would you pick and why?
Oh goodness, I don’t even know where to begin. Assuming she’d accept my invite I’d invite the Queen (I bet she’s got some good tea time stories), Alexa Chung (so she could enlighten me about clothes/life/being a babe), Audrey Hepburn (I think that’s pretty self explanatory), Rachel Khoo (so she could cook and then take me back to Paris with her) and Zooey Deschanel to sing. Although I have a HUGE guestlist for this tea party too…
Oh my god I forgot John Lennon and Elvis.
And can I have Lena Dunham?
This is way too hard.
(Ps. Apologies on not posting at all this week again, if you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’ve been super busy with uni work! I’ll be posting more often soon, I promise!)