(Outfit Details: Shirt – Topshop, Skirt – Primark, Bow – ASOS, Hat – ASOS, Shoes – Primark, Bag – Primark, Watch – ℅ Breo)

If there’s one place in Newcastle that reminds me of being a teenager, it’s definitely Leazes Park, where I spent many summers there with my friends playing dizzy dizzy ducklings and having end-of-exam picnics. So when Helen suggested we headed up there to take our next batch of outfit photographs, I knew exactly where to head. Although I wasn’t brave enough to stand at the bandstand (next time, eh?) we found this spot away from screaming kids and runners (there was a lot) which was perfect.

Looking back at this outfit, it’s a bit busy. But if you can’t have fun with fashion, when can you eh? I picked up this Topshop shirt in the sale last week, with it’s monochrome print catching my eye. And the bow, well is it obvious that I’ve been watching a whole load of Gossip Girl recently? I just can’t seem to watch it without Blair Waldorf’s style being reflected in my own, that girl dresses blummin’ brilliantly. What next? A hairband?! And of course I couldn’t resist wearing my ‘leather’ (it’s from Primark, so definitely on the pleather spectrum) pleated skirt which I was lucky enough to buy last year when everyone and their cat wanted one. It’s got an elastic waists for those days where you just want that extra slice of cake, and it doesn’t blow up when it’s windy outside. Pretty perfect right!

I was kindly offered this watch recently by Breo, and I’ll admit I’m not normally one for wearing them – as I’m incredibly picky. However, when I came across this light grey version with a rose gold face then I was sold. What could possibly be my favourite colour combination of all time, I couldn’t say no.