1. ‘What Would Blair Waldorf Do?’ Pencils // 2. Rifle Paper Co Weekly Desk Pad //

3. Polka Dot Monogrammed Mug // 4. Rifle Paper Co Rosalie Notepad //
5. Ted Baker Opulent Bloom iPhone Case // 6. Frankie Diary 2015 //
7. Rifle Paper Co Floral Heart Print // 8. Daisy Place Medium Square Dish

Having already done a fashion and a beauty Christmas gift guide (with a stocking fillers one to come, shh) I thought it would be nice to do a gift guide compiling of everything else. Seeing as most of my wishlist this Christmas is consisting of stationery, this is the one I’ve looked forward to making the most and really enjoyed spending time just looking at notepads. Anyone else a stationery junkie?! Nope? Just me, then.

Again, there’s a slight running theme through this gift guide, and as I put this together it turned into a sort of Rifle Paper Co appreciation post. But what can I say? Their designs are wonderful and are loved by many. New Year tends to inspire people to become more organised, and I’d like to think that pretty stationery is a good first step. This Desk Pad would be perfect for any blogger out there, as for those who like to see plans written down on paper, it’s the ideal tool to plan each week’s blog posts. Every year since I’ve read blogs, I’ve seen many mentions of the Frankie Diary each year. If you’re not read the Austrailian magazine Frankie before, it’s basically the most well-designed lifestyle magazine there is. And so, you can only imagine how adorably cute their diary for 2015 is. A bloggers favourite, and is there any wonder? If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m a tad obsessed with Gossip Girl (just a tad *cough*) so these pencils are just up my street. Gift and Pieces is a wonderful little brand (which is actually ran by the lovely Abby who designed this blog!) and is filled with affordable homeware and gifts.


Any of these items on your Christmas wish list? What are you asking for from Santa?