Although my blog has recently started to feature more lifestyle and beauty posts (which I’m really enjoying do fyi), I primarily started as a fashion blogger and always say I’m a fashion blog when people ask. Mainly as I study Fashion Journalism at university, and partly because the idea of shooting the outfits I wear (like many of my favourite bloggers) sounded like a whole lot of fun. It took a good 8/9 months before I even dared shoot outside (and that was only in the garden) but this year I’ve really tried my best to incorporate as many outfit posts into my blog as possible. It’s been a big learning curve, with a whole load of laughs behind it, and I thought it would be fun to run through some of the behind the scenes. Fashion blogging ain’t what it always seems. And nope, this blog clearly wasn’t inspired as I was watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, nooooo…

– I can’t remember the last time I wore heels. Yeah, comfort comes first, always.
– See those pictures where I’m carrying a smaller bag? Chances are there’s another bag hidden behind the camera.
– Shooting days involve lugging around 3 large bags of outfits. Glamourous.
– You never get used to the comments and glares you get from passing people. Shooting outfit photographs in public places where there is a lot of people is scary. Really blummin’ scary.
– Most outfit posts feature 3-6 photographs, but in reality I shoot 300-500 each time. Yep.
– I’ve been in a worrying amount of local pubs and cafes, got changed in their toilets and left.
– …And that’s not even mentioning the streets I’ve got publicly changed in.
– Whenever I’m in the house, chances are I’m in my pyjamas. Getting ready is effort, right?!
– I second guess the majority of the outfits I feature on here.
– And chances are, the ones I hate the most are the ones that get the best reception.
– You probably have noticed I wear my hat in 99.9% of my outfit posts. I can’t shoot without wearing it, I get too self-conscious. Odd, huh?

Could you relate to any of these? What would you confess if asked?