Maybe it’s just me, but I really enjoy sorting out my wardrobe. I find there’s nothing more satisfying than an organised rail of clothing which is easy to navigate through. Not only does it look good, but it helps encourage you to wear those pieces you may have forgotten about. For myself, getting ready in the morning and deciding on what to wear that day is one of my favourite things – and having a wardrobe that reflects my style at that time is a must.

Whilst it’s not everyone’s favourite chore, I thought I’d go through some of my top tips on how to get rid of those pieces that are gathering dust and make room for new seasonal items.

1. First thing first, empty your wardrobe completely. I think it helps to be able to visualise each piece of clothing you own, because chances are, you’ll be surprised at just how much that wardrobe was housing. From this I tend to put aside the clothing I definitely want to keep and which pieces I’ve been meaning to donate to charity or sell on depop for a while – leaving me with a pile of clothing I’m on the fence about.
2. Ask yourself, have you worn the piece in the past six months? If the answer is no, you’re probably not going to wear it in the next six months either. Apart from the occasional formal dress that may be an exception, be tough about it. Would you rather a piece of clothing taking up space in your wardrobe that you never wear, or something new that could be your dream find?
3. Does the clothing even fit you properly? It might be your favourite piece of clothing you own, maybe even the best bargain you’ve come across. But if it doesn’t fit you right, and doesn’t make you feel the best you can be – then it’s not for you. I always say, that if you don’t feel excited (or even just comfortable) wearing something, then why keep it? Especially when there may just be someone out there desperately looking for that exact piece!
4. Think of three pieces in your keep pile that you could pair the item with. I tend to do this mainly when shopping for new clothes as it helps prevent me from impulse buys, but I like to imagine three separate outfits that I could wear each piece. If you’re really stuck on whether or not to keep something, then plan out at least three different outfits where you could wear it. Let’s be honest here, we’re all not made of money and we’d all get bored of wearing the exact same outfit day in and day out, so if there’s nothing but a certain skirt or shirt to wear it with – then I’d say it was time to donate it. I’m a huge advocate of having a rail of clothing which you can easily mix and match, it lessens then days of not having anything to wear and makes those mornings where you have five minutes to pull together an outfit all than easier.
5. Consider the upcoming seasons. We all own those pieces that may have been all over social media last season, but are you going to pick it back up the next time around? Probably not. I always try to restrain myself to only a certain number of ‘trend’ items a season, because they’re exactly that – pieces that last the trend and then fall to the back of my wardrobe. So whilst the seasons are transitioning over, I like to strip back to the utmost basics and staples (post coming soon on this!). And then you’re able to see what you have, what you’re missing and which things you’d like to add to your clothing rail for the months ahead.


What are your tips for sorting out your wardrobe? I’d love to know!






Outfit Details: Dress – c/o Little Mistress, Hat – H&M, Denim Jacket – MANGO, 
Shoes & Sunglasses – Primark
Many moons ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at Little Mistress asking if I’d like to photograph one of their dresses in their Look Collection – a selection of summer inspired formal dresses. With the best excuse to dress up a little, I spent weeks trying to find the perfect location to fit.  A few weeks ago now, me and my family spent 7 days away chilling out in the Cotswolds. A place I’ve not visited before, it was filled with the most picturesque of villages, with floral displays and cottages a plenty. So I chose to shoot these photographs in Bibury, the most beautiful of villages – and one rather popular with the tourists!
I’m not normally one for overly girly prints, but there’s something about this watercolour-esque floral print that I really love about this dress. With an under-skirt, sweetheart neckline and beading details around the waistband, there’s certainly something that extra special about this frock – making it perfect for summer weddings/proms etc. Unfortunately I don’t have any such occasions coming up (I’ve never even been to a wedding before!), but with a pair of casual heels, sunglasses and a denim jacket, I love how easily it can be dressed down. I hadn’t intended to wear a hat with this outfit (I know, me without a hat is practically unthinkable!) – but I couldn’t help snapping a few quick photos on a separate day when I spotted this incredible floral wall – it would’ve been rude not to, right?!
In other news, I’m slightly snowed down with university work, having less than 2 months to complete a whole year’s worth of work – which is slightly insane. In an attempt to be organised and keep to my 3 post a week schedule, I’m trying to plan ahead as much as I can. Whilst I have quite a few outfit posts coming up, I’m thinking of shooting some more beauty/lifestyle posts and maybe some actual fashion posts (rather than personal style) – so I’d love to know which posts are your favourite to read!




Details: Silk Teddy with Rose Lace & Nude Rose Lingerie Set (all c/o Marks and Spencer)
We all have those days when we may be feeling a little self-conscious and lacking in confidence, probably wanting to hide under the duvet and avoid the world. However, something that always helps boost my spirits is treating myself to some new lingerie sets and nightwear pieces. So when the lovely people over at Marks & Spencer contacted me to see if I’d like to try out some of their summer collection – I replied in record timing!
As the days start to heat up, there’s something about the sunnier months that makes me want to ditch the oversized fluffy Pjs and go for something a little lighter and somewhat fancier. So when I spotted this incredible Silk Teddy on the website, I knew it just had to be mine. Made of the softest silk ever imaginable (like, trust me) it has adjustable straps and an elastic waist – making it uber comfortable, and is nothing short of perfect. So the price tag kind of reflects that, but if you’re wanting to treat yourself, this is certainly the way to go! It’s perfect for those summer nights to lounge around in.
M&S also have a wide selection of lingerie, with everything from Smooth & Minimal, to Bright & Bold and Cool Curves. But the collection that caught my eye was their Vintage Charm – with the Rosie for Autograph pieces being nothing short of perfect. With fabrics such as French-designed lace and silk, in a variety of vintage-inspired tones and floral prints, I was sold. I chose to go for the Nude Rose Lingerie Set as there was something about it that stood out to me. Whilst you don’t get Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys body to go with the pieces *sob*, but if I do say so myself – I absolutely love how this lingerie set works for me. Like with the nightwear, it’s made of the most luxurious of silk and lace and fits perfectly. There isn’t much worse than lingerie that’s uncomfortable (we all know what I’m talking about) but I needn’t have worried – this set is to die for. And if I could wear it all of the time, I probably would. Plus I love it works with slightly sheerer blouses (that are all over the high-street throughout the summer months) as it adds that something something without feeling exposed in the slightest. So, basically, I’m just obsessed.