The Little Magpie

Well, what can I say about Amy’s blog (apart from the fact she has a pretty fantastic first name)? Her style is nothing short of perfect, and has been a massive source of my inspiration over the last few weeks. This girl sure knows how to dress, with her laid-back style quickly becoming my favourite. Plenty of pool sliders, leather jackets, and culottes – what more can you ask for? And don’t even get me started on her photographs!


Style Peaches

Possibly my newest find mentioned on here, I’d recommend this blog to anyone. Ran by a lovely girl called Peaches, she has the most refreshing outfit photographs shot at the most wonderful locations. With her style heavily influenced by the 60s, she’s a girl after my own heart and has me pining over many of her a-line skirts, coats and sunglasses. Certainly one of the most under-rated blogs out there, because it’s an absolute joy to read!


Salted Roses

A blog I recently discovered through LOOKBOOK is Salted Roses. A fellow NE blogger, Amy has a style which packs a punch. Not shy of wearing bright colours, her use of patterns and clashing colours is outstanding, something I really admire (and probably should learn a lesson or two from!). Oh and I have some seriously hair envy going on, if I wasn’t already wanting to get a fringe cut in enough, now I definitely want to!


Media Marmalade
Since I’ve began to use Instagram more (you can follow me here) I came across Melissa’s blog after spotting a photograph of her wearing a lilac fedora – and we all know how mine hasn’t left my head recently. And boy did I fall in love with blog! With the most beautifully taken photographs, and almost daily posts – what isn’t there to love? Her style is just my cup of tea, I can definitely find myself making some inspired purchases in the near future!
What are your favourite blogs?