Hello… Rebecca from It’s Cohen!

First of all, a little side note. Sorry I’ve been a little bit of a missing blogger this week, I can’t even say I’ve been super busy because I haven’t. I just haven’t felt up for blogging and a little blah inspiration-wise, which is silly, but hey-ho!
Anyways, onto this week’s ‘Meet the Blogger’, the lovely Rebecca from It’s Cohen, a 21 year old living currently studying English in Liverpool. I’m not even sure when I started reading her blog, it was that long ago, I just love it. Rebecca is a fellow lover of stripes, Alexa Chung (sailor coat twinz) and peter pan collars, so what isn’t there to love? It’s such a happy blog, and I’ve noticed she is a fan of the goofy  sassy poses like myself, work it gurl, haha! Anyways, if you haven’t read her blog before, go do it! And if you’re wanting to know a little bit about her, then read on.
– What was it that made you want to start your own blog in the first place?
– I started mine during sixth form as a place for me to do something a little less academic. I really enjoyed reading blogs, particularly fashion and style ones, so it only made sense to give it a go. I would never have guessed that I’d still be doing it three years later.
– Have their been any highlights of your ‘blogging life’ so far? What is it you love about the blogging community?
– Highlights vary from posts where I’ve taken a photo which I’m genuinely very proud of to being shortlisted as one of Lomography’s top blogs of 2013; I always do try my hardest to take photos and write something that people like to see, and I can’t describe the feeling you get when someone else says that they appreciate it. The blogging community really is a community, and that’s what I like about it. I like twitter best for having a chat, and everyone’s really supportive, and readily answers any questions you may have. it’s like 21st century girl power!
– Who are your biggest style influences?
– Honestly, I think it’s other blogs. I mean, I read magazines and am interested in it girls and musicians, but I’ll try on an outfit and find myself emulating another blogger without even thinking about it consciously.
– How would you describe your style in 3 words?
– (amy, this is the hardest question!) Weather-dependant frontwoman wannabe. Whatever that means.
– What are your favourite clothing/shoe/accessory ‘can’t live without’ items? 
– A coat. It’s always cold, and I’d rather be warm!
– If you had £100 to spend on anything, what would you choose?
– Right now I reckon I’d spend it on a bag big enough to fit both my laptop and camera in securely. It’s much more practical than one of the tote bags I’m currently using, and that’s the only way I could justify spending so much on one item – I’m definitely one for searching through charity shops and ebay.