Outfit Details: Top – Topshop, Jeans – Dorothy Perkins, Coat – H&M, Shoes – Primark,
Bag – Matalan, Hat – Primark
Just a quick post from me today (if you follow me via Twitter you’ll may have seen the reasons) but basically, life has got in the way a little. Some of it very exciting which I’m sure I’ll be talking about over on here soon, and some of it not so much, and if I’m honest, it’s been all a little too overwhelming and blogging hasn’t been top of the agenda. However, I’ll let you into a little secret; this outfit was never meant to make it onto the blog. With the weather being so lovely and sunny a few weeks ago, me and my family decided to have a little trip to the Quayside, without the pressure of shooting photographs. It’s one of my favourite places to visit, there’s something about the buzz around the Quayside and Baltic that I really love, and if you’re ever in the area, it’s a place I’d recommend paying a visit (plus the Baltic gift shop is packed with goodies!). And when I was standing admiring the view from the Baltic, I decided on a whim to quickly snap a few of this casual outfit of mine. Jeans, a tee, a duster coat, my favourite pointy flats and of course, my hat (I don’t wear it all the time, promise!) – because sometimes simple outfits are the best way to go.

Aside from the outfit, I think I’ve hit a little blogging slump. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of ideas lined up for the next few weeks or so, but that’s all they are, ideas. I thankfully have a handful of outfit posts ready to post, but I don’t know, I feel like my blog has become somewhat, meh. My photography is alright, my writing, okay, and that’s about it – it’s hit a little bit of a blip. So I’m currently working away on a little blogging revamp, something to help me fall back in love with blogging again – because boy do I miss that excitement you get when pressing publish and seeing everyone’s positive responses! There’ll be a few little design tweaks and some new content, whether that be beauty or lifestyle or something completely different. And I’m pretty excited, to look at things with a fresh perspective and see how things go – I like a challenge!


So, I’d love to know, what are your favourite types of posts (from either other blogs or this one)?








Outfit Details: Denim Shirt – c/o New Look, Skirt – Primark, Sleeveless Blazer – Primark, Shoes – Primark, Hat – Primark, Sunglasses – Primark, Tights – c/o Uk Tights, Bag – Helen’s
(Quick apologies for the grainy photographs – I set the wrong camera settings, doh!)

Here with are with my final instalment of the styling challenge I was given by the lovely people over at New Look. I’ve had a really fun time thinking of different ways to dress up the denim shirt, and I’m happy with how they’ve turned out, especially this final one – the dressy version. Okay, so it’s not dressy-dressy, but it’s not too casual either, and it’s certainly very wearable during the day and at night. Pssst, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out my first and second outfits.

Onto the outfit itself, which, without me even realising, is pretty much all Primark (apart from the denim shirt of course, and the bag that I borrowed off Helen). What can I say? I just love Primark and I fully support that you can find some great things in there if you’re willing to root around. My latest find is this sleeveless blazer which caught my eye the other day on a quick visit. I’d been after a sleeveless duster or blazer for a little while, but didn’t want to pay too much – as I didn’t know whether it would suit me and my wardrobe. So when I spotted this Primark offering, I had to pick it up! I love what it adds to my style, and I’m sure it won’t be the final time you see it in my outfit posts. To add some print to this outfit, I decided on this palm print skirt which I bought last summer and got a surprising amount of wear from.

I’ll let you in on a little secret here, but in the majority of my outfit photographs that I’m going all bare-legged… I’m normally wearing a pair of skin coloured tights. I know, I know, it’s terrible right, but my legs are that pale that they tend to go over-exposed in photographs and cause a bit of a lighting nightmare (l o l)! And with that I’ve had the dilemma of wanting to wear open-toed sandals and not being able to, until that is, I was contacted by UK Tights whether I’d like to try a few of their toeless tights. I think it’s pretty safe to say that they are da bomb, such a handy thing to have and you can’t even tell I’m wearing them, which gets a thumbs up in my books. Finally, as this outfit is a little dressier than the others, I thought it were a perfect time to sport a red lip (Topshop Velvet Lips, if you’re wondering) and match it with this dreamy Mulberry bag.
Who says you can’t match your lip colour and bag? I’m all for it!


Which of the three outfits have been your favourite? I’d love to know!









Outfit Details: Dress – Miss Selfridge, Boots – Next, Duster Coat – H&M, Jacket – Dorothy Perkins, Bag – Primark, Sunglasses – Primark, Hat – Primark

(Photographs by The Lovecats Inc)
Now there’s no denying that Alexa Chung is my queen, my ultimate style icon; even if our body shapes couldn’t be any different. So of course, her latest collaboration with AG Jeans had me at hello, a denim range which was completely up my street… but unfortunately completely out of my budget. With denim being a forefront fabric in my wardrobe this season, the hunt was on to find the person denim dress and denim skirt. I’m yet to get my hands on a skirt of my dreams yet, however, when I saw this Miss Selfridge dress hitting up the blogosphere, I knew it just had to be mine. Sold out online, it only made me want it more, and lo and behold, I finally tracked one down and practically ran to the cash desk. Last one left, and in my size. Fate.

I think I was a little ambitious when shooting these outfits, thinking a duster coat would suffice, but a few minutes into it I soon realised I was wrong (and very very cold) so decided to layer under a leather jacket, because everyone carries around two coats, right?! I’d seen a few of my favourites layering up coats, and I was always a little hesitant, but I needn’t be – I absolutely love how it looks! As the outfit was very focussed on mixing fabrics rather than colour, I couldn’t resist giving these leopard print boots an outing that wasn’t involving them hiding under jeans. I definitely see these being my all-time favourite boot this year, you know you’re on a winner when you’re excited to wear them as much as you can (that is, when it’s not raining). They’re already taking pride of place in my bedroom!


Who are your style icons? I’d love to find out!