With a new haircut comes a new haircare routine, and for the past 2 months since I had it cut, I’ve been trying a few new products in an attempt to add as much volume as I can to my hair. It’s in the best condition it has been for a while, and I thought it was about time I shared with you my haircare routine.

As someone who washes their hair most nights, I tend to chop and change my shampoo and conditioner around a lot to help prevent build-up which can help my hair feel very weighed-down and flat. I could be here for hours listing the various shampoos I’ve tried (as I always go for the ones on offer in Boots), but a pair I’ve found myself going for time and time again is the Paul Mitchell Extra Boost Daily Shampoo* and Extra Boost Daily Rinse* which I find adds a lovely bounce to my hair, without it feeling too heavy, making it perfect for us folk with fine hair.

I rarely use heat to dry my hair (I can’t get that blow-drying technique down at all) and often leave it to air-dry most nights. When it’s slightly damp, this is when I’ll lightly brush through using my Tangle Teezer to help prevent any knots. My hair is prone to snapping quite easily, and if it’s feeling particularly weak, I’ll often apply a serum to the ends before using my Tangle Teezer. This helps prevent breaking, whilst also helping tame the fizz, keeping my hair much softer. I’ll also spray a little of the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray into the roots to give it that little lift.

Once it’s dry, I’ll style my hair either very straight or I’ll curl it with my straighteners, leaving it to cool and then brushing it out to give a relaxed curl. I’m definitely no expert with hair-styling, in fact, I’m rather rubbish, so I keep it very basic. Either way, I’ll spray the Charles Worthington Texturising Spray into my hair – which is a miracle worker in my eyes. This product gives instant volume that doesn’t drop straight away. It can be a tricky one to brush out, as when applied too heavily can leave your hair feeling a little sticky, but it’s all about finding how much works best on your hair. And if even my hair is still looking a little worse for wear, I’ll go for my back-up hair-do, a beehive. Using a backcombing brush, I try to add as much volume as possible to my roots, before securing the up-do with plenty of bobby pins. It’s one of those fail-safe looks, and after some practice takes only a few minutes to perfect!


Are their any haircare products you’d recommend? Which are your favourites?