I’d like to introduce a new feature on my blog, the wardrobe essentials. Whilst everyone has their own individual style, I stand by the idea that there’s a number of staple pieces which should be in everyone’s wardrobes, pieces that are versatile and slot into anyone’s sense of dress. I really enjoy aspects of styling, so I thought it may be fun to create a little series of these posts, where I’ll pick a wardrobe basic and list a few things I’d personally pair it with.

The White Shirt (1, 2, 3) is the definition of a staple item in my eyes. A piece which features on the high street every season, you can find it in styles to suit any age, body shape or general preference. I think most people assume that shirts are a formal piece and one that is worn mainly in smart occasions, but there’s plenty of ways they can be worn down and casual. Now there’s plenty I wear with my (rather large) collection of white shirts, but I thought I’d pick four pieces I pair with them the most.


A structured jacket (1, 2, 3): Personally, as someone who hoards jackets and coats, I tend to favour plain pieces rather those which are patterned. I think coats are those pieces that can last an age in your wardrobe, so I tend to go for classic colours and shapes. The three I’ve linked are three that have really stood out to me recently, the neutral colours being perfect dress up or down with a shirt. And since I have a love for the 70s fashion at the minute, I couldn’t not include that Mango Suede jacket of dreams. I’ve been tempted to buy it for months now!

A pair of trousers (1, 2, 3): Unlike coats, I love to have fun when picking out trousers. From bold prints and bright colours, to wide leg to flare to cropped skinnies, anything really goes. As someone who’s pretty short, I do tend to struggle a little to find those that’ll flatter me, but I think that’s what I like so much about trousers; there’ll be a style that fits everyone. Again, going back to the 70s trend, there’s a whole lot of flared and wide-leg trousers in stores at the minute – and as scary as they look, I can’t get enough of them. Don’t diss them unless you’ve tried them, I think you’d be surprised how flattering they can be!

An a-line skirt (1, 2, 3): Now if you’ve been reading my blog a while, you know I have a thing for A-Line skirts – it’s my daily uniform. I find them incredibly flattering on my pear body shape whilst also making my legs appear much longer than they are, and best of all, you don’t have to worry that it’s going to fly up when it’s a little windy outside. Again it’s quite a universal style and is in the high street every season really, just in different prints and fabrics. For instance, at the minute look out for buttons, denim and utility-inspired prints.

A pinafore (1, 2, 3): Maybe I’ve just watched every episode of Gossip Girl one too many times, but there’s just something I really love about wearing pinafores. Now I’m not talking a Blair Waldorf inspired structured piece specifically or something that looks like you’d wear it at primary school, I tend to class any dress (or playsuit!) that could be layered over a shirt as being a pinafore. From high-necks to strappy sundresses, I love them all year round.


What would you pair with a white shirt? What are your wardrobe essentials?





    1. ‘What Would Blair Waldorf Do?’ Pencils // 2. Rifle Paper Co Weekly Desk Pad //

3. Polka Dot Monogrammed Mug // 4. Rifle Paper Co Rosalie Notepad //
5. Ted Baker Opulent Bloom iPhone Case // 6. Frankie Diary 2015 //
7. Rifle Paper Co Floral Heart Print // 8. Daisy Place Medium Square Dish

Having already done a fashion and a beauty Christmas gift guide (with a stocking fillers one to come, shh) I thought it would be nice to do a gift guide compiling of everything else. Seeing as most of my wishlist this Christmas is consisting of stationery, this is the one I’ve looked forward to making the most and really enjoyed spending time just looking at notepads. Anyone else a stationery junkie?! Nope? Just me, then.

Again, there’s a slight running theme through this gift guide, and as I put this together it turned into a sort of Rifle Paper Co appreciation post. But what can I say? Their designs are wonderful and are loved by many. New Year tends to inspire people to become more organised, and I’d like to think that pretty stationery is a good first step. This Desk Pad would be perfect for any blogger out there, as for those who like to see plans written down on paper, it’s the ideal tool to plan each week’s blog posts. Every year since I’ve read blogs, I’ve seen many mentions of the Frankie Diary each year. If you’re not read the Austrailian magazine Frankie before, it’s basically the most well-designed lifestyle magazine there is. And so, you can only imagine how adorably cute their diary for 2015 is. A bloggers favourite, and is there any wonder? If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m a tad obsessed with Gossip Girl (just a tad *cough*) so these pencils are just up my street. Gift and Pieces is a wonderful little brand (which is actually ran by the lovely Abby who designed this blog!) and is filled with affordable homeware and gifts.


Any of these items on your Christmas wish list? What are you asking for from Santa?

Weekend Wishlist #8 – The Designer Edit

Now, I know that I can’t afford anything in this post, but a wishlist complied of designer goodies can’t really go a miss. And I’m always browsing online collections to see what high-street dupes I can find. It may no longer be the weekend, and blogger may have deleted my original post for this (which may I say spent 2 hours perfecting. no biggie) but hey ho, the show must go on right?!


Alexander McQueen Skull and Chain Leather Loafers, Red Valentino Scalloped Trim Crepe Dress
Printed Brushed Velvet A-Line Skirt, Sophie Hulme Mini Leather Envelope Bag
Stills Wool Blend Coat, Red Valentino Bow Embellished Wool Blend Coat
Suno NY Printed A-Line Stretch Silk Dress
Whilst a lot of this items are totally my cup of tea, some are maybe a little out of my comfort zone or dare I say out of this world (yes I’m looking at you intergalactic-inspired skirt).
The Alexander McQueen black loafers certainly embrace my 13 year old emo days with it’s skull motif fitting the bill. In fact their whole ‘Dress Rehearsal’ collection is to die for; the lace jacquard dress with  rib-cage shaped lace? My inner-goth is certainly happy with that (even if is the £1,435 price tag is a tad *cough* out of reach). And if you’d have asked me a month ago that I’d fall head over heels with a pink coat – a trend that certainly wasn’t for me – I probably would’ve laughed in your face. Me and pink have never had a budding relationship, but what I can say? Me and this Stills coat have a connection. The handbag gods made a good ‘un with the beauty that is the Sophie Hulme Envelope Bag in the most perfect coral shade. With scalloped hems and bow detailing, Red Valentino have certainly got it right again? Count me in.
What’s on your wishlist at the minute?
(And ps – sorry for all of the wishlists at the minute – my camera got caught in a bit of a flash flood last week so it’s been drying out for a good few days, haha.)